This Rugby Badass Deals With Her Dislocated Finger Like It’s No Big Thing

Who here likes gnarly sports injuries? Of course you do. It’s one of the pillars of The Internet™ along with niche porn, CAPS LOCK arguments between people with Minions avatars, and whatever it is they do on CSI: Cyber. Bodily harm in the name of athletics helps keep this information superhighway rolling along and a new video from England is adding to the legacy.

A women’s rugby match between Oxford and Cambridge (NEEEEEEERRRRRDDDDSSS!) includes the sight of player Caitlin McArdle dealing with a dislocated finger in stereotypically English fashion. Asked by the referee if she’d like “to go and get that sorted” when she sees the finger in its nasty state, McArdle quietly jogs toward medical help and gets it popped into place like it ain’t no thang despite the fact the non-rugby world considers it a thang. McArdle and her readjusted finger immediately returned to the fray after the repair. She’s essentially “keep calm and carry on” in human form.

McArdle’s casual attitude toward badassery is the crown jewel of this clip, but the commentary as the scene unfolds is too awesome to view this with the sound off.

“Oh! We’ve got a little bit of a dislocated finger there for Oxford. Sorry if you saw that and you didn’t want to. I think it’s just going to be put back in. Bit of a brave face going on there.”

Bit of a brave face, indeed. Put your snack to the side for a minute and give this clip a gander.

(Via Deadspin)