This Turkish Frisbee Trick Is Hypnotic, Probably Impossible

I’m assuming it’s from Turkey because the video was posted in Turkish, but I could be wrong. There’s an 80% chance it’s Russian, because everything stupid on the Internet these days comes from Russia. Two of the three Kardashians of note are probably Russian.

The translation of the video’s description:

Frisbee action with an exquisite. Children really know this business …

If you want a more accurate recap, a guy throws a frisbee against a circular wall hard enough that it’ll ride the length of the wall all the way around and come back to him. It’s basically what they tried to do with bullets in Equilibrium. Check it out, then spend the rest of the afternoon trying the trick out for yourself.

Or spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out where they even still sell frisbees. Toys ‘R Us, maybe?

[via Reddit]