This Stat Shows Just How Bad Colin Kaepernick Has Been This Year

Colin Kaepernick has thrown 16 touchdowns in 13 games this year. Not a single one has come in the fourth quarter. Let me repeat that. In 195 minutes of fourth quarter action, Colin Kaepernick has not thrown a touchdown.

Even worse, he’s all alone in that department. No wonder they’re 7-6.

How is that even possible?! How is it possible that guys like Brian Hoyer, Andy Dalton, RG3 and Alex Smith can find their way into the end zone (several times) and Colin Kaepernick can’t do it ONCE in the fourth quarter.

Let’s go deeper into the numbers.

He’s 59-99 for 611 yards in the final frame. Not too bad right. Completion percentage right around 60%, which is normal for him. But here’s where it gets ugly. Kaepernick has thrown 4 picks in the 4th quarter and carries a 60.6 QB rating as a result. He’s throwing a lot of short passes too, averaging 6.17 yards a completion. And the cherry on top of this turd sundae? He’s been sacked 13 times.

Sure, this isn’t all on Kaep, his receivers aren’t performing up to par and the offensive line has to be better. But for a guy with a $126 million dollar contract, you have to be better. You just have to.