This Week In Chicks Who Bang Athletes

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10.05.10 8 Comments

When news broke over the weekend on celebrity gossip sites that Tom Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen was seen canoodling with another man in London, I thought to myself, “Burnsy, you’re also incredibly handsome and have been photographed with goats, how is this going to affect Brady against the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football?” And the apparent answer was… Meh, he was OK.

The New England Patriots, of course, spanked the Dolphins last night to the tune of 41-14, but the damage was done by the Pats special teams and defense. Brady had a less than Brady-esque evening, putting up 154 yards passing with only one touchdown. As Punte noted earlier, Brady failed to connect with Randy Moss during the game, and the real heroes on offense were the law firm of Benjarvus Green-Ellis and toddler Danny Woodhead. So that leaves the question – was Brady bothered by the idea that his Victoria’s Secret supermodel wife was in London cheating on him?

In-depth analysis of this tawdry affair allegation and shocking answers after the jump.

No, he wasn’t bothered because she wasn’t cheating. According to the Huffington Post:

Nahmad spoke with Brazilian newspaper O Dia, who, based on our translation, explained that he is a long-time friend of Gisele and was even the one who introduced her to her former boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio. Nahmad remarked to O Dia, “Gosh, it was a kiss on the cheek,” indicating that cameras caught them from a bad angle.

Nahmad also said he talked to Tom Brady about the picture and the two shared a laugh.

I’ll bet they did! I’m sure Nahmad was all like, “Hey Tom Brady, I didn’t make out with your wife,” and Brady was all like, “Check out my butt chin.” God, I’m a bitter Dolphins fan.

But since I’ve lured you here under false pretenses, here’s a video of Gisele being pretty hot:

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