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Apparently some fancy-schmantzy dinner was put on for the sponsors of the FDR Open in Phoenix (that’s a golf tournament, apparently). And really, no golf tournament dinner is complete without a high-risk acrobatics performance. How did it go, you ask?

San Diego resident Jose Angel Vera [not pictured], 33, was performing an acrobatic stunt involving chains in front of more than 700 people. As he was unraveling the chains, he fell from the rafters onto the ground. Witnesses said he fell on his head. [ :( ]

[…]A server explained that the ground is asphalt and that there were no supports or safety nets.[…]

The dinner was cancelled as police investigated the accident.

Oh, and he died. I guess nobody told that guy that those rafters were Tiger-proofed. But seriously, it kinda pisses me off that the PGA Tour, in these trying economic times, can still afford to have acrobats at their sponsorship dinners. I’m lucky if I see two homeless guys fighting over a shopping cart when I walk out of Burger King. Just remember that if one of them catches fire and you make a wish, it comes true. I have the insurance check to prove it.

[KNXV-TV, via FanHaus]

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