This Week In MMA: Legs Are Terrifying

Even without a major organization like UFC or Bellator putting on MMA events, there’s still roughly nine hundred billion million fight cards every weekend. All of those fights are usually terrible, but the law of averages states that at least one or two cool things will happen eventually. Luckily, dear With Leather readers, THREE cool things happened, and even better, there’s a unifying thread I can tie everything together with! In the following three fight clips, legs play a super important role. Sometimes it is a positive role, and sometimes it is a negative, terrifying role. Legs get to it, shall we?!

Standard Leg – Head Kick Knockout

Joao Zeferino is a former UFC warm body, and now that he’s been released from the biggest name in MMA, he’s free to beat up dudes in Brazil who are less good at fights than he is. Here, he kicks the heck out of Edson Mosca Nocaute’s head at the Sao Jose Super Fight back on March 29th. Nice brain blonkin’, Joao!

Gross Leg – Submission Of Barfing

Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa, or as he is more commonly known, MINOWAMAN, is a living embodiment of Japanese MMA. He made a career out of fighting guys that were more giant and way more terrible than him and trouncing them through the power of red trunks and a mullet. Depending on who’s count you go off of, he may have just been in his 100th fight. Here, he’s taking on Goran Jettingstad at Inoki Genome Fight 1 on April 5th. Warning, this video features a gangly dude’s leg getting all sorts of f*cked up, yo.

Amazing Leg – Submission Of RAD AS F*CK

I leave you with the most fantastic thing I’ve seen some legs do in a long time. William Haney in the red shorts is fighting Johnny Davis in the camo at Spartyka Fight League XV on April 4th. After some grappling, Davis sweeps Haney and gets into mount, which is usually A Bad Thing. Except Haney’s X-Factor kicks in, allowing him to throw his legs up, snag Davis under the armpits and fold him backwards, while keeping Davis’ legs held in place with his own arms. Davis taps out to what has got to be the first ever REVERSE BOSTON BY GOD CRAB in anything, MMA or pro wrestling.