This Week In Niche Marketing: Tim Tebow And Sam Bradford Worship Satan

Charles Hubbard claims to be a spiritual man, called upon by the great Creator to use his “Spiritual gifts for His glory” but he’s smart enough to know that in this age of the Internet and social media, you need to hitch your wagon to something that really pulls. So of course Hubbard has created a website that openly criticizes New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow and St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford for their endorsements of Nike.

Why is this such a big deal to Hubbard? Because Nike is the Greek goddess of Victory and these heathens are promoting this Pagan worship to all corners of the globe.

There is a demonic presence with Nike and a temptation that many Christians and non-Christians find hard to resist… some even plead their case to wear Nike… even though it honors the goddess Nike of Paganism… a false religion clearly opposing the One True God and the truth of Christianity.

Because it is demonic… it encourages evil like hero-worship, arrogance, obsession, detestable idolatry and even sex.

These evil messages can be seen repeatedly in Nike advertising.

He’s got a point, because right before I tee off with my Nike driver, I pray to any god that will listen for my ball to not fly through a window. Hubbard claims that he has been carrying this torch – specifically against Bradford, as he might be a Rams fan – for quite some time, and that God has been guiding him in this quest to promote and achieve universal goodness.

Oh, it should probably also be noted that Hubbard owns his own sportswear business and this is just his own way of using his religion and Tebow’s faith to boost web traffic and sales.

I recently started an exciting Christian sportswear company called Love Sportswear. While researching the competition, I discovered some disturbing information about Nike. I worked diligently to uncover the truth about Nike and was even contacted by a man speaking on behalf of Tim Tebow who tried to stop me from sharing the truth – Tim Tebow endorses the company named in honor of the pagan goddess Nike. Tim Tebow tries to benefit from honoring the name of the pagan goddess Nike AND benefit from honoring the name of Jesus Christ – promoting both evil AND good.

Before I share more about Nike, I want to let you know that God has been blessing this site in a huge way! On January 31, 2012, this site totaled a record high of 1,446 VISITORS IN JUST ONE DAY without spending a penny on advertising! Those are incredible numbers!

He should add porn videos, then his site would have ridiculous traffic.

(H/T to Buzzfeed)