This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise

In what has quickly become my favorite With Leather-inspired hobby yet – not counting dumpster diving outside Kate Upton’s apartment – I tried to broaden the horizon of TWiOESM by including a little bit of everything. Originally, I wanted to make this all about the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup and the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder battling for the O’Brien Trophy, but that’s not fair to the rest of you that need pictures of WWF wrestlers printed on dictionary pages.
Speaking of, I received my Ultimate Warrior dictionary pages in the mail this week and they are pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever spent $5 on. Needless to say, I’ve got my eyes on a few new things this week, starting with one of my all-time favorites – Legos.

Now you can finally put an end to the greatest debate in the NBA – LeBron James or Michael Jordan? – with your very own hand-painted Legos of the two hoops icons. For just $25 each, you can have them ball against each other anywhere you want. I’d choose Middle Earth!
I have nothing to add other than I love this shirt, and if I weren’t so opposed to bandwagon fans, I would purchase it for $19.99 and pretend that I am a Kings fan.
For $22, you can celebrate Tiger Woods’ golf resurgence during the US Open this weekend with this handmade Tiger Woods taxidermy mount for your home, office, or Perkins booth.
Hey brah, kids grow up so fast and it’s time to teach them sports. Now you can teach them cleanliness and responsibility with this surf-inspired sports locker for $289. And in a few years, they’ll store their weed in it, too.
Got a classy-yet-casual event coming up but no way to remind your peers that you’re both sexy and depressed? For $28, you can show the world that you, too, don’t know when to call up Anthony Rizzo with this rhinstoned Chicago Cubs dress.
Hey girls, gym class can be a drag, what with our bodies getting all awkward and boys always gawking and staring. But for only $8 you can remind everyone that your heart still belongs to Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam, and Louis with this One Direction sports headband even while you’re sweating and trying to figure out why Ms. Labehammer keeps reminding you to shower twice.
This $110 original design is meant for New York Giants fans. I am not making that up.
Oklahoma City Thunder fans have been praised like crazy for their amazing presence at home games, but the team needs support away from the Thunderdome, too. Tell the rest of the world that you’re protected by Rumble the Bison with this $6 hair clip.
And my absolute favorite item of the week is this set of Rocky Balboa wedding cake toppers. At the price of $98, there’s really no better way to remind Russians that your American wedding can kick their weddings’ asses.