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05.22.12 5 Comments

One of my all-time favorite things to do is scour the depths of Etsy for random crap, because it’s just amazing how much awesomely ridiculous stuff people can create and sell on the Internet these days. But nothing gets my PayPal account pumping more than the sports gear that dedicated Etsy sellers have whipped up, and that’s why I want to devote this new weekly feature to finding my favorite Etsy sports merchandise, starting with that Tim Tebow pillar candle above.
Sure, I just pointed out that Tebow’s got a team of trademark-happy lawyers that are suing people for making things that don’t even mention the New York Jets backup QB’s name, but that’s not going to stop any of us from grabbing one of these $5 candles and letting the Jets fan upstairs know that we’re pushing for Tebow to get the other New York team a Super Bowl win.
After the jump, get in the gift-giving mood, because Etsy’s got every sport covered…

These custom kicks celebrate Robert Griffin III’s alma mater with unique style for the low price of $35. But don’t worry, non-Baylor fans. You can get any school done, and I will post a picture of my DeVry shoes as soon as they arrive.
I don’t know what Toms are, but these look like the shoes of World Champions. For just $90, your feet can be the classiest and most intelligent of all baseball feet. WARNING: Shoes may send you to the DL.
While not necessarily a brand new style, these tank top and jersey skirts have been heating up arenas across the country. Priced at $40, there’s no better way to support your team as you’re presumably sprinting to your car as people are trying to kill you.
At $150, these New York Knicks fashion pumps are the highest priced item this week, but they’re definitely worth every penny. Mainly because you’ll need them to fight off J.R. Smith’s sister.
I really don’t know what this Randy “Macho Man” Savage dictionary portrait is all about, but for only $5 I want to cover my entire bedroom wall with them.
We’ve all been there: You’re tailgating for the Daytona 500 and hammered drunk, but all of your friends keep showing up for your classic Natty Ice burgers. Who’s going to man the grill when you’re passed out with a Winston Select hanging from your bottom lip? For $19, your toddler can with this one-of-a-kind NASCAR toddler apron.
What better way to introduce your infants to the reality that your favorite players will never stay with your team when their contracts expire than by giving them personalized NFL onesies? Especially when none of the $24.95 goes to the player or the team!
I don’t know what a diaper cake is, but it sounds disgusting. But for $60, I just had to order UPROXX’s resident Phillies fan, Danger Guerrero, a dozen of them. One for him, and 11 to throw at Cliff Lee.
If you thought that Tim Tebow heading to the Big Apple wasn’t a big deal, then you were so very wrong. There were more items than I could choose from, but I thought this adorable $75 Tim Tebow sock monkey would make a perfect gift for any child who has never been subpoenaed.
I have no idea.

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