This Week In Sports Tazing: Celtics Dad

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05.20.10 8 Comments

While fourth string Celtics guard Marquis Daniels hasn’t seen much action during the 2010 NBA Playoffs, his stepfather, Willie Buie, turned in an electric* performance during Game 2 Tuesday night at Amway Arena in Orlando. The 55-year old Buie was apparently enjoying his stepson’s sitting and warming techniques from his seat behind the visitor’s basket when the police showed up to investigate a reported ruckus.

Buie declared he was no part of said ruckus and would not leave his seat, nor would he be escorted off by constables of such brutish Orlando law. So the officers grabbed him, escorted him to a security area, he told them to have sex with themselves, and they made Buie go kablooey.

Don’t phrase me, Boston Globe:

Buie has a long criminal history, including an arrest for second-degree murder. He spent 11 years in prison.

The newspaper reported that police responded to a disturbance in seating behind the basket at 10:55 p.m. When police tried to remove Buie from his seat, he said, “I’m not going, [expletive] you,” according to the police report.

I don’t know much about Buie, other than second degree murder isn’t very nice, mister. But in fairness, it’s pretty easy to pick a fight with Magic fans in Amway. All you have to say is something incendiary like, “You left the price tag on your new Magic jersey” or “Hey, these refs are doing a spectacular job.” Those are the catchphrases for chaos in the O-Rena.

Both Buie and Daniels are Central Florida natives, hailing from scenic Polk County and the majestic Parramore area of Orlando, respectively. Police have still not confirmed why Buie was initially escorted from his seats, but hey, Orlando had to pull out one victory before the team headed to Boston.


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