This Week In Weird-Ass Baseball Fans: Lipstick Sunblock, Injured Kids And Wiener Hats

Baseball fans have always been weird. Back in the 80s, blooper videos were 10% Roger McDowell hot-footing teammates, 90% people in the stands wearing funny hats. Or old people having their heads scrubbed by mascots. Guys in facepaint. Basically just footage of people trying to pass the time at baseball games, because as good as they are, they are also mostly super boring.

Here’s a quick look back at the week and its three weirdest, most interesting or noteworthy fans. Up first: THAT creepy motherf**ker.

1. Buffalo Bill Takes In A Baseball Game


The first one comes to us courtesy of Extra Mustard’s Jimmy Traina. What exactly is this Phillies fan doing? My theory: they are Rhaka Khan. Otherwise? No idea.

2. The Next Katherine Webb Is Wearing A Hot Dog Hat

What happens when the camera catches two female fans wearing hot dog hats? The announcers get to have a pseudo-sexual discussion about “crushing” them. The hot dogs, they mean. Mmm, mmm, they mean! Because those ladies have wieners on their heads!

3. Sorry, Bulldozed-Over Kid

[mlbvideo id=”27771723″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

At first, this looks like a normal video of the Seattle Mariners and Chicago White Sox taking 13 innings to score a run. But if you look closely, you’ll see a grown-ass man plowing over a small child to catch a home run ball. You can get a better look in the GIF, courtesy of @cjzero:

Enjoy your spinal damage, kid … I just got a home run ball from a mid-season Mariners game!