This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: Lil Papi’s Home Run Trot Has People Furious

From the folks at Bar Stool comes a surefire new viral video about a kid known only as “Lil Papi”, and with more than 126,000 views at the time of this Cheeto-dusted post, chances are you may have already seen this home run trot for the ages. Inspired by some of the big league’s biggest showboaters, this young masher sends a pitch over the fence before be-boppin’ and scatting all over the opposing pitcher and his teammates.

Originally, I was going to offer my opinion before asking what our readers thought of this young boy’s antics, but nobody really cares that I think Taco Bell’s Volcano Tacos are delicious, so I am once again ceding my opinion to the Internet’s wisest pontificators and oracles of humanity – YouTube commenters.

What do the world’s greatest anonymous minds think of a young boy flaunting his swag after going yard? You may be surprised.

First, let’s check out the top comments. What are the popular kids saying about Lil Papi’s big swing?

Okay, we’ve got intentional violence and picking on a little kid. Gee, I hope that’s not a theme.

“Yeah, you show that little sumbitch that he can’t be better than my boy at SPROTS!”

To be fair to this commenter, he may actually know the young boy and be qualified of declaring that he is, in fact, a scumbag. We have to look at both sides here.

Again, it could be by choice. He could have aspirations of joining the clergy.

Okay, now we have an argument that this kid is promoting bad sportsmanship and the only solution to that is… bad sportsmanship. We’re heading down a hell of a tunnel here. Can we at least blame someone?

Much better. Let’s try not to get all crazy on this kid.

Is anybody defending this kid? This pile-on seems a bit harsh.

Especially if it’s with the Cardinals, am I right?

Hold on, did someone just sensor himself in the YouTube comments? That’s like wearing pants in a massage parlor.

Okay, we’re getting crazy again. Let’s close this out by focusing on the main point of this video.

Damn it, YouTube.