This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: The NBA's BIG Color Commerical Inspires Hate

11.21.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

Despite me watching it last night, the NBA posted its new “BIG Color” commercial on YouTube today to celebrate both the holiday season and the surprisingly plain jerseys that some teams will be wearing on Christmas day. As we already know, the Christmas day NBA schedule looks like this:

Boston Celtics at Brooklyn Nets

New York Knicks at Los Angeles Lakers

Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat

Houston Rockets at Chicago Bulls

Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Clippers

It’s a regular potpourri of games that we both care and don’t care about. Thanks NBA! But back to the uniforms and commercial at hand. The BIG Color commercial features four of the league’s most recognizable stars and Joe Johnson, as they bounce their jingle balls in rhythm to the tune of “Carol of the Bells”. For what it is, it’s a simple but cool spot that doesn’t play any favorites, except that 25 teams are left out of the fun. But that’s their fault for stinking.

Check out the commercial after the jump, as well as some special holiday cheer commentary from my favorite and most intelligent people on the Internet – YouTube commenters.

Hey YouTubers, for the uniformed people reading this, who are those fellas in the boring uniforms in that video?

Thanks. So that’s pretty cool that these stars shared the same screen (obviously not the same court) and made this entertaining video, right?

Oh, I wasn’t aware that Wade had less of a role than the other players. But at least we all agree on which guys are in the commercial, right?

Disgusting is a bit harsh. Like, yesterday as I was walking home from work, I passed a dead cat that had been completely gutted by a car on a busy road. That was disgusting. Rondo not making a commercial would be more of a slight annoyance, IMO. Come on, guys. This is the holiday season – time for the NBA Cares stuff to really kick in. Can’t we not bitch and moan about this one thing?

Yeah, how dare these guys not take hours to dribble a song in unison when it can be done in minutes by some people at computers and still produce the same basic idea? Bunch of jerks, those guys who entertain us. Okay, let’s change focus. How about those uniforms?

I thought the point of the commercial was introducing the NBA holiday season and the Christmas games that we look forward to. I mean, I think the uniforms are BLAH, but it’s still cool that the NBA tries, right?

I guess not. So who dribbles the best in this commercial? I’m kind of digging Dwyane Wade on the end there, hammering down the emphasis.

Yes. Obviously. He’s the emphasis. Geez, you guys are picky today. At least this guy agrees with me.

Wait, no. I meant this guy.

Why all the cheap shots at D-Wade? I mean, I know he’s been getting a worse reputation for being a dirty player and kind of a diva, but the guy has earned a little respect, hasn’t he?

Lazy? What about all that fall down 7 times, get up 8 times talk? That’s not a lazy man.

The Heat have played 11 games. That’s a little more than 1/8th of the season. This sounds like typical Heat-bashing to me, and trust me, I’m a bit of an expert on that. Doesn’t anyone on YouTube appreciate D-Wade?

I didn’t really understand any of that. Anyone else?

Thank you for that intelligent answer, John Carter. Besides, who would replace Wade anyway?

Except that it’s computer-generated, of course. Hey, at least nobody resorted to homophobic or racial slurs, right?

Ugh. Okay, well at least nobody resorted to racial slurs and people just enjoyed this commercial for what it is:

Aw crap. Please stop right there…

Happy holidays, YouTube commenters. You’re the absolute worst.

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