This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: Ragu’s Hilarious Olympic Ad

Despite the love affair with hating NBC for its delayed coverage and contempt for its stupid viewers, the 2012 Summer Olympics have had some amazing moments. Obviously, Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps, Oscar Pistorious, Missy Franklin, and many others have had remarkable performances, and of course there were the pooping divers and Retta’s awesome Twitter analysis. But generating some serious buzz over the weekend was a commercial for Ragu that has absolutely nothing to do with the Summer Games, other than it aired during NBC’s coverage.

In the commercial, a young boy has a book or something that he wants to share with his parents, so he just barges into their bedroom and catches them having sex. So does he fall into a black hole of trauma and psychotic outrage that will scar him for the rest of his life? No way, Jose. His parents make it up to him with a big, heaping plate of Ragu spaghetti. I’ve been told that pasta sauce is just as effective as heroin in hiding decades of mental anguish.

Ultimately, the commercial (after the jump) is quite funny, the kind of outlandish spot you’d expect during the Super Bowl. So this begs the important question – what do the oracles of YouTube commenting have to say about it? Is it great? The greatest? Better than Nike’s “Find Your Greatness”? Or is it the worst thing that has ever been aired on TV? Let’s explore.

The video jumped 17,000 views in the time it took me to write this post this morning, which means that people are judging it as we speak. So I scoured through the 160+ comments to determine YouTube’s ultimate say, as people who take the time to comment on these videos are clearly the smartest people on this or any other planet.

For starters, how good is this commercial?

Well, that’s not fair. People loved that Nike commercial with Nathan from London, Ohio, and that aired during the Olympics.

Ah, there’s the question I was looking for. So what’s the verdict?

Wow, 17 exclamation points. That’s pretty damn good. What about the semantics of the advertisement?

Well, that’s why we have Darren Rovell. Some people seem to be unsure of the timing of this ad, though.

The Olympics are apparently pure and void of this kind of suggestive humor. I hope it didn’t cause messy outrage, too.

Ugh, red sauce is the worst to clean up. But are people so outraged that they’re willing to bust out the acronyms of detest?

SMH of course means “Spaghetti Most Heathen”. Ragu, we don’t want to think about people fornicating. We need ingredients and testimony that the product is worth our money.

When you shove a heaping fork of pasta into your face at dinner, all you’ll taste is the devil’s love juice.

Purely. And it’s so void of cleverness that some people can’t even respond with actual sentences.

So how did we get here, peddling smut for pasta sauce during the celebration of our world’s greatest athletes?

I KNEW IT!!! And I’ll bet it’s that damn smutty book’s fault that commenters are going heavy on the innuendo, too.

For the unfamiliar, this commenter is comparing delicious-but-heavy alfredo sauce to semen.

This, of course, refers to the female menstrual cycle and its cooperation with child reproduction. Obviously, this has led to quite the debate between the obscene and the outraged.

Excellent comeback, Multiepicchick, you delightful, foppish prude. Well, at least nobody is going after the kid.

Damn it. What about the parents in this situation? Does anyone see the flaw with replacing a necessary conversation with a giant plate of noodles?

Finally! That’s the rationality I was looking for. Someone go throw Ragu’s marketing team in prison before it’s too late.