This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage Vol. 2: Nike’s ‘Find Your Greatness’ Commercial

I’d be hard-pressed to argue with anyone who claims that Nike consistently produces the best TV commercials. In an era of Shannen Doherty pitching online educations and sh*t-grinned cock rockers singing about credit report scams, it’s hard for any company with unlimited wealth to not hire the best minds in advertising and put together entertaining ads. But thanks to those Education Connection atrocities and Certain Dri’s random sweaty girls, almost every Nike ad comes across as Citizen Kane.

The latest Swoosh campaign is called “Find Your Greatness” and the commercial that has everyone buzzing features a 12-year old boy named Nathan, who lives in London, Ohio. Nathan is an overweight American kid, but Nike wants you to know – thanks to a beautiful narrative by Tom Hardy – that he’s seeking his own greatness. Basically, he’s strapped on his Nikes and is hitting the road to shed those pounds and be better than everyone else.

People mostly LOVE this commercial. As a once fat 12-year old, I think it’s awesome, too. Granted, most Nike ads make me laugh because they come across like that scene in What Women Want, but if they inspire people, then bless ‘em. Unfortunately, they inspired people to do a little more than just go out and run. Some of YouTube’s finest commenters have been giving their fingers one hell of a workout, too.

First, the commercial in question, if you haven’t already seen it. And it’d be hard not to with everyone Tweeting about how awesome it is.

Again, that’s a great ad. Simple, to-the-point, and it hits home for a lot of us, since our country’s obesity problem is out of control. Also, Tom Hardy has a voice as powerful as a centaur’s orgasm.

Yes, that is indeed Tom Hardy. So what about the YouTube commenters, most of whom I believe should replace this country’s government and serve as an oracle-type body that gives the ultimate decisions on everything, do they love this commercial? For the most part, yes.

But screw the ad. This is about Nathan, the focus of Nike’s pseudo-inspiration. How have people handled watching an overweight 12-year old take matters into his own hands?

Boom. A fucking champion.

Wait, what? Haters? How can there be haters? This is an ad about a kid who is trying to overcome personal adversity and be something better. How could anyone on the Internet find something wrong with that?

Oh, okay. People are upset with Nike because the company doesn’t have as many plus-sized options. That’s not so bad then.

Uh oh.

Oh crap.

Geez, this is unexpected.

Come on, give Nathan a break. He’s trying to find his own greatness.

Good Lord, people. This is a 12-year old kid we’re talking about. He has feelings and pride on the line. What if this inspires his classmates to make fun of him?

Back-handed at best. Won’t somebody come to Nathan’s defense and shake these horrible criticisms off?

But this is supposed to be inspiring! Hasn’t this commercial done anything positive for anyone out there?

This is just terrible, not at all what I’d expect from people who comment on YouTube. Honestly, I think Nike should shoulder a little blame in this. Maybe they should have known what kind of backlash this would cause.

Hold on, though. There’s another angle we’re not looking at. Maybe it’s okay to make fun of fat people. Did you ever think about that?

Or maybe there’s just one other tiny, insignificant detail that we’re ignoring here…

Ultimately, I hope Nathan never reads any of these comments, and I hope he does whatever makes him happy in life. At least he’ll always have his Nike commercial.

Damn right.