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Glasgow Rangers lost to some other soccer team in the UEFA final, but these Rangers fans aren't upset about the loss.  A giant public TV screen in Manchester showing the game stopped working mid-match, spurring fans — some of whom had been drinking for 18 hours — to do their best Pamplona impression.  The Daily Mail has tons of great pictures like police dogs biting fans.  There was also this:

A lone police officer was tripped up and stamped on as he faced up to a baying mob of hundreds of Rangers fans, video footage showed today… He is punched before one of the mob trips him up and he falls to the ground. The male officer is then set upon in Newton Street by a gang of about 20 fans who kick and stamp on him on the ground…

Another senior officer was hit so hard his electronic earpiece was left embedded in his head and had to be removed by doctors. A third policeman was bottled over the head and another lost his front teeth after being head-butted by a Rangers hooligan.

Soccer fans: making riot police sympathetic figures since the 16th century. 


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