07.30.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

A few days ago, about eight different blogs wrote about a Cowboys training camp play in which Terrell Owens fooled Adam "no longer Pacman" Jones with a nasty double move.  At the time, I was like, "Really?  People are devoting entire blog posts individual plays happening at training camp?  That's fucking sad."

Now here it is, a couple days later, and video of said play has surfaced.  And I take back what I said, because my God it is beautiful.  Not really the play itself, just the feeling in my head: Actual professional athletes playing football!  Kind of! 

Frankly, I've had enough of this NFL offseason bullshit.  It's the 21st century now, we need all living NFL players cloned so that the NFL2 season can begin a month after the Super Bowl and last until August.  Raise your hand if you want a second NFL season every year.  That's what I thought.  Get on it, scientists.

UPDATE: Better video thanks to commenter pavement

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