Thomas Edison Recorded This Video Of Two Cats Boxing In 1894

10.30.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

Edison's cats boxing

According to the Internet’s most respected and hard-working journalists, yesterday was National Cat Day, which meant that it was time to dust off every awesome and old cat video from Nyan to Keyboard to honor their roles in shaping and bettering society. But one video mattered more than any other, as Business Insider reminded us of what is possibly the world’s oldest cat video, created by none other than Thomas Edison, who invented everything from the light bulb to the Furby, I think.

In this video from 1894, we see that mankind has actually changed very little in more than 100 years, as a guy has put tiny, adorable boxing gloves on two cats and is pretending that they are boxing. If YouTube had existed in 1894, I assume this would have had 100 million views and someone with the user name ClarenceDally69 would have commented: “FIRST!”

As I was discussing with Danger Guerrero in the UPROXX steam room this morning after we watched and dissected this video, it’s really nothing without a good, powerful song playing behind it, so naturally I added what I believe is one of the best songs ever recorded.

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