07.29.08 10 years ago 19 Comments

Cleveland Browns interior design specialist and sangria shopper Brady Quinn has done enough to engender suspicion of his sexual preference by posing homoerotically with dudes at various points in his freetime, but seldom have such tendencies manifested themselves on the playing field. Mostly that's because you can only be so gay sitting on the sideline holding the clipboard.

That is, until Busted Coverage served up these photos of Quinn practicing at Browns' training camp in black tights. Because that Dark Knight movie showed him that guys in clown makeup are just bad news. He should be going after those nice eccentric, crime-fighting billionaires.

Sure, this gives more grist for the Internet gay-bashing mill, but what honest-to-goodness gay guy would want something that would make their tan uneven? This is going to take weeks of late summer Fire Island sunning and funning to redress. Oh, wait, did someone say dress? *IDEAS*

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