Thunder Shin Needs A New Nickname

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11.23.10 3 Comments

Far be it for me to question what a person chooses to do with his life, so when I came across some videos of a guy named “The Thunder Shin Man” breaking baseball bats with his shins, I thought, “F*ck it, dude’s gotta make a living, right?” Grand Master Dr. Mak Yuree has been recognized with prestigious honors by basically every martial arts organization in the world, so I know better than to make fun of him, especially since his website advertises the ability to teach you how to “break bones like chocolate bars.” So if Thunder Shin Man happens to read this… please don’t kill me.
Back in May, Dr. Yuree set the world record for breaking bats with his shins, and again, out of respect, I’m going to assume that this is a very prestigious record and only a complete and total badass should bother trying for it. Using his secret South Asian method of “Iron Shin Conditioning”, Dr. Yuree broke two wooden baseball bats in half just by kicking them (pictured above). And that’s totally cool. It reminds me of the time in middle school that I beat five kids in a row in pencil fighting. I may go back next week and challenge them again.
On November 14, Yuree went for a new record, as he tried to break three bats with one kick. The results didn’t go as well as I think he would have hoped. Perhaps someone left the chocolate bar in the freezer. Seriously, it kills my shins just to watch the first kick on the video of his record breaking effort, but follow along anyway for more of the Thunder Shin Man’s exploits…

Thunder Shin Attempts Bat-Break World Record – Watch more Funny Videos

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