Thursday Night Football Will Reportedly Head To Fox Next Year

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01.31.18 4 Comments

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The NFL has come under fire over the last few years due to Thursday Night Football, with players accusing the league of hypocrisy regarding how it claims to care about safety while simultaneously making them play football on shortened rest. But despite calls from players for things to change, the NFL is going to keep chugging along with their mid-week showcase.

This year, things will be a little different. Not in ways that have anything to do with the safety and general well-being of players, mind you, but with how you can watch games go down. According to a report by John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, the NFL has turned to Fox as its new home for Thursday Night Football.

This is a change from where the games have been held recently, as CBS (since 2014) and NBC (since 2016) have housed games alongside NFL Network. Not much is known about how Fox, which shows games every Sunday and is in the NFL’s Super Bowl hosting rotation, will approach this new challenge.

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