Tide Had The Best Joke For The Idea Of LeBron James Returning To Cleveland

Just when you thought that every person on Twitter had exhausted every last LeBron James joke that could have been made, Tide comes along and blows them all out of the water. While a lot of signs seem to be pointing to LeBron James throwing the biggest homecoming party on Earth in his hometown, there’s also the fact that James was joined at his camp in Las Vegas by his Miami Heat teammate Dwyane Wade today, and he’s leaving Sin City to fly directly to Brazil for the World Cup Final. So who knows what the hell is going on?

But at least Tide seems to be providing the people camped outside of James’s home with some hope in case they didn’t set their Cavs jerseys on fire four years ago. In that case, they’re probably better off just buying new jerseys.

Here’s what LeBron thinks of that very funny Tweet:

Here’s a really awful Tweet that isn’t funny at all:

And here is LeBron’s response to that:

Unless LeBron announces where he’s signing, and only if it’s in Haiku form, this will be the last that we’ll discuss him tonight. God bless.