Tiger Fails to Hole Balls

07.19.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

The wind at St. Andrews this weekend was so brutal, it made Noriega look like Mother Teresa. Tiger and his massive biceps did their best to battle the elements, but came up short finishing at 3 under par and in 23rd place. The British Open became Tiger’s seventh consecutive tournament without a title.

More importantly to me, Tiger was caught using some ungentlemanly language after missing an easy putt at 13. I don’t if Tiger or BP has the harder working PR department. At least BP never had sex with Joslyn James. When reached for comment, John Daly said “that guy should really learn some manners,” then smoked a pack of Marlboro Red 100s, downed a bottle of Jack, and passed out face first into a pile of Hooters’ wings.

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Video after the jump.

–via Terez Owens

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