07.17.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Every Friday we pick the winners to the world’s most obscure matchups. We call it WEEKEND PICKS for some reason. Home teams are listed in ALL CAPS.

Today: SCOTLAND over Tiger Woods. Tiger woods missed only the second cut of a major tournament in his career at the British Open in Turnberry, and his first MC since 2006. And by one shot. Now I don’t feel so bad for being such a crappy putter on the WGT.

Cubs -1.5 over NATIONALS. That Manny Acta firing has really turned the Nats around. If you consider 360 degrees “turning around.”

Dream v. FEVER, under 152. ALWAYS bet the under. Especially when it’s Indiana.

Argonauts v. STAMPEDERS, over 55.5. Always bet the over. Especially when it’s Calgary.

Saturday: Kawasaki Frontale -200 over VISSEL KOBE. Because Kobe sucks. And we love the J League around here. Also taking FC TOKYO +110 over Omiya Ardija.

Toronto FC v. DYNAMO, over 2.5. Here’s hoping two of the stronger teams in MLS light it up tomorrow afternoon. Also, Chelsea is playing Seattle in a friendly at 3. Some of you might care about that.

Sunday: GIRL TIME over Game Time. Start building up that human capital with your significant other. You’ll need it to minimize the damage incurred from blowing her off when the American football season starts.

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