The Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson PPV Golf Match Was Actually Free For Some

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Black Friday was a day of deals in more ways than one. There were the traditional deals from stores and online retailers. Then there were the massive deals that Cards Against Humanity unleashed on the internet. But you know what’s better than 99 percent off? That’s right: free.

If you waited around long enough, it turns out you could have gotten the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson pay per view event without, well, paying. And we’re not talking about an illegal stream or anything like that. Bleacher Report, which ran the PPV event in association with TBS, apparently was letting users log in and see the event for free despite advertising the event as a $20 purchase.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell noticed on Friday during the match that, indeed, you could log in and see Phil and Tiger battle it out for a winner-take-all match worth $9 million.

Rovell did some digging and, sure enough, a representative for the event said they had to make it free because their login screen wasn’t working.

That’s probably going to cause some trouble for Bleacher Report Live, especially from people that actually paid to watch the event. But if you’re still interested in catching the backstretch of the event and watch Tiger Woods drop some F bombs, you might wanna log in and see the end of the event for free.