02.22.10 9 years ago

Reactions to the “remarks” made by Tiger Woods from Friday were both passionate and varied. One notable fellow chimed in with two cents of his own. Personally, I couldn’t get over the way that the room was set up. It was put together with such drab hues of blue that I was waiting for Hilary Clinton to walk out and declare war against Alabama. But nobody garnered as much attention for their reaction as former PGA touring pro Charlie Rymer, an analyst for The Golf Channel who actually teared up after watching Woods’ public display.

vid via Devil Ball Golf.

Rymer has only been with The Golf Channel since May, so he probably hasn’t covered the whole “No crying on TV” thing yet. It’s not like they have a NO CRYING binder sitting up in HR for that sort of thing.

ASYLUM POLL: Did you think that Tiger’s apology was sincere?

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