12.17.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

Today is an especially dubious day for Tiger Woods. Oh sure, his life didn’t necessarily fall any further into the commode. There were no additional sponsorship dumpings (so far) or any more garden-variety skanks that came forward with tales of Tiger’s derring-do (so far). No, today was the 19th consecutive day that Tiger Woods news made the front cover (not the sports page cover) of the New York Daily News Star Times Post. The last event to make the tabloids front page 19 straight times? The 9/11 attacks. Those were a pretty big deal, obviously, but The Fall of Tiger Woods certainly makes his one of the most dubious stories of all time, not just the decade, whatever the hell we’re calling it. So, uh, put ‘er there? covers via NY Post Archives.

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