Tiger Woods’ Girl Next Door: 80+ Pics Of Latest ‘Mistress’ Rachel Coudriet

04.08.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Hey, did you hear the joke about how Martha Burk is going to build her own country club right next to Augusta National? Yeah, and she’s not gonna use any studs; it’s gonna be all tongue-and-groove. Anyway, we have to give it up for our friends at Frathouse Sports dropped a load on our front doorstep this morning. It was the URL for the photobucket account for Windmere’s own Rachel Coudriet, whose 15 minutes started ticking away after she was alleged to be the latest set of grooves in Tiger’s bag. More from our glorious benefactors:

What we do know is that she is from Florida. She went to Alabama according to her deleted Twitter account (that you can still view via page cache). She can kegstand like nobodies business (picture below). And if we had to bet we’d say she is really Rachael Coufriet daughter of Ray of Ray Coudriet Builder Inc.

–FratHouse Sports

All of the images, when run together, tell a story about a young woman that couldn’t make up her mind about anything, from the men in her life to her own hair color. And jeez, will you turn off the damn timestamp on your camera? How amateur is that? Anyway, most of those images from that Photobucket account are after the jump, and she’ll most likely appear to you as a normal, confused twentysomething that just happened to live next to the horniest golfer on the planet. It’s hard to fault somebody for that. Faulting someone for lifting, cleaning and placing Tiger’s balls, on the other hand, is another thing entirely.


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