Watch A Little Kid Hit A Hole-In-One While Playing With Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods‘ playing condition, or lack thereof, is a source of frustration for the 40-year-old. However, he’s more than able (and willing) to watch a younger generation crush it at the game of golf. At the Bluejack National, which featured a new golf course complex he designed, Woods watched 11-year-old PGA junior Taylor Crozier hit a hole-in-one…on the very first shot.


Taylor stepped up to hit the very first shot on the new course – it landed on the green, and spun right into the hole. So the first ace to be recorded at The Playgrounds came o the very first shot struck there – and it happened with Tiger standing right there.

The crowd went nuts when the ball disappeared into the cup, and Taylor got plenty of congratulations – including a big bear hug from Tiger. In fact, no one seemed happier than Tiger for the kid’s special shot on this very special day.

Crozier also got a nice piece of memorabilia for his big shot:

First of all, playing with Woods alone has to be a huge moment for Crozier. But to hit a hole-in-one? And on the first shot, no less? That’s a lifetime memory. The best part, though, was how nonchalant Crozier was about the whole thing. He was clearly excited, yes, but he totally owned the moment like a boss.