Tiger Woods Jokes: Straight Outta Calcutta

04.16.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel had a clever bit on his late-night television program the other day when he “outsourced” his order of Tiger Woods jokes to a “call center” in “India.” One member of the aforementioned center delivered the “joke” and “hilarity” was enjoyed by “all.”

This sort of reinforces something I wrote on Monday; eventually the run of “Tiger Woods” as shorthand for “adulterous jiggalo” will end and those jokes won’t be funny anymore. Most people that follow golf were happy to see Tiger play at The Masters and attempt a re-entry of his old life, and the rest of us don’t really care. We have no investment of Tiger to shrug off like the media seem to have, so the joke’s on them. Eventually Kimmel and everyone else (including me) will have to find a new target. Fortunately, we work in an arena where plenty of people make bad decisions every day. Suck on that, India.

via Outside The Boxscore.

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