Tiger Woods Sex Tape Something Something

09.29.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Devon James, the adult film star who is perhaps best known for being one of Tiger Woods’ sex partners before the golf star divorced his wife, is allegedly marketing a sex tape featuring the both of them mashin’ dem guts. The tape has been described as “explosive,” which makes me think of two things. One is the first five minutes of “Inspector Gadget.” The other is much, much worse.

“The tape is 62 minutes long and 37 minutes of it is us having sex,” James told RadarOnline.com, before boarding a flight from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles, Wednesday.

“We are flying to Los Angeles today to meet with Vivid about selling the tape.”

By the way, Vivid Entertainment is the same company that brought on former Tiger Ho Joslyn James to do a Tiger-themed porno in May. Devon James, as a matter of fact, is the same woman who tried to claim in court that Tiger was the father of her nine-year-old son, who really isn’t much of an athlete at all. Hopefully he won’t follow his mother’s footsteps into porn. James says that the tape is worth $350,000, which would be totally believable if we didn’t live in an age where interracial sex wasn’t all over Google Image search. See for yourself. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

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