Tiger Woods And Shooter McGavin Came Together For A Wonderful Selfie

Two of golf’s most prolific legends, one real and one fictional, have finally collided.

Happy Gilmore actor Christopher McDonald is still probably most well known for his legendary role in the 1996 classic as Shooter McGavin, Happy’s archenemy (excluding Bob Barker, of course).

Tiger Woods is most well known for at one time being the most dominant golfer in the world, who looked like a lock to break the all-time majors win record before a combination of a sex scandals and injuries turned him into a shell of his former self on the course.

The pair were enjoying some tennis at the U.S. Open, when McDonald found the 14-time major winner and snapped a rather legendary selfie with him. And now I’m upset that Tiger Woods didn’t make a Space Jam-type movie while he was in his prime with Shooter McGavin as his opposition.