03.19.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

So somebody had the great idea (and I sincerely mean “great”) of these images of kittens decorated with those Tiger Woods text messages that were released yesterday. The one of the cat getting choked is my favorite. There are more after the jump, but to give you a fair warning, this might not be something you want someone finding over your shoulder.

As for Woods himself, everyone’s still whining about him crashing the Masters like he’s some distant relative that showed up at a Rockefeller dinner with a bucket of friend chicken under his arm. HE WON THE DAMN TOURNAMENT FOUR TIMES! Why would he not be coming back there? Also, there’s reporting out now that suggests that Woods’ return might not be shown live…Whatever. Woods also seems to be the face of the biggest pending sex toy recall [sfw] in the history of Planet earth. There also has been another denial of an affair. I never thought of Tiger’s penis as omnipresent before, but that won’t happen again. Fool me once, shame your late father. Fool me twice, shame on your naive Swedish au pair wife. That’s how that goes, right? Via BuzzFeed; thanks, Matt.

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