Tiger Will Stick His Neck Out For US Open

06.02.10 8 years ago

In his infinite wisdom, Larry David has a theory on the origin of neck injuries. He hypothesizes that there are only two ways to injure you neck: a car accident, or cunnilingus. But when Tiger Woods is the subject with the neck injury, the origin is less clean than a Barry Bonds drug test. Putting the context of how he obtained the injury aside, Tiger answered questions on his neck at the Memorial’s press conference this morning, where he will be defending his title this weekend.

Where he’s at with his neck injury: “Actually, my neck feels pretty good. It’s still not where I want it to be. It’s a little sore. The range of motion is pretty good.” How has he progressed since dropping out of the TPC? “It was about a week before I picked up a club, then this past 5-6-7 days it’s been pretty good.” –USAToday

According to Tiger, his neck was having a noticeable effect on his swing. He also believes hat he is good enough to play, but the time it will take him to make a complete comeback will “hopefully be short.” Tiger is already scheduled for the US Open and British Open. So he has made the decision to not rest until the US Open later this month. That’s a pretty bold move by everyone’s favorite fairway philanderer, considering that he said this morning that his Masters comeback was premature. Whenever I feel something premature coming, I incorporate the Lt. Frank Dreben technique. I just think about baseball.

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