TIL: Afghanistan Really Loves Body Building

Further proving how uncool I am, I only recently figured out that when people on Reddit were saying “TIL” they meant “Today I Learned” and not “Tuesday is Lamers” – amiright 9-to-5ers? So now to make up for being such a square, I use it as much as I possibly can. And TIL that dudes and bros in Afghanistan have a long love affair with bodybuilding competitions.
The country hosted its annual Mr. Afghanistan competition over the weekend, and men of all ages gathered to show off their physiques as a means of continuing a tradition that began decades ago, when young Afghan men would lift weights simply to intimidate their Soviet oppressors. But even when the country was under Taliban rule, body building was allowed, because those dicks thought it was funny.

“The Taliban used to come and laugh at us when we struck our poses,” said Khyal Ahmad, a 28-year-old member of the national team who had come to watch, and even through a layer of clothing was obviously one of the strongest people at the gym. “After the Taliban left,” he said, “the pants came off.” (Via HuffPo)

Sexiest quote ever posted on With Leather? I think so.
They also spray each other down, so they’re greased up and bronzed and now you can tell people: “TIL there are d-bags everywhere.”

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