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ESPN.com's Wayne Drehs interviewed gambling expert R.J. Bell, who drops this bomb on the sports world: NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who last week was accused of betting on NBA games and fixing point totals in games he worked over the last two years, probably fixed point totals in games he worked over the last two years.

[During the last two seasons', Bell found that, in games when Donaghy was part of the officiating crew, NBA teams scored more points than Las Vegas expected (hitting the over) 57 percent of the time. With a league average of 49 to 51 percent, the odds of such an occurrence are 19 to 1. When Bell analyzed the numbers from the two seasons before the two in question, he discovered that, in games Donaghy officiated, NBA teams scored more points than Vegas expected just 44 percent of the time…

"There's a 99.9 percent chance that these results would not have happened without an outside factor," Bell said. "Something abnormal was going on here."

But what could it be?  Who can solve this mystery?  Is it too far-fetched to believe that Donaghy possibly got caught up with the mob in an illegal gambling ring?  Only time will tell, friends.  Only time will tell.

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