Tim Duncan Revealed To David Letterman Why He’s Sticking Around Another Year

06.24.14 4 years ago 2 Comments
Duncan Late Show


A lot of people assumed that when the San Antonio Spurs handily defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals earlier this month that Tim Duncan would probably call it quits. After all, five NBA Championships, three NBA Finals MVPs, two league MVPs and 14 trips to the NBA All-Star Game is a hell of a career, and nothing ever beats one of the game’s all-time greatest players going out on top with a Larry O’Brien Trophy, especially when winning it in a revenge series like the Spurs did. But it’s just not that time yet for the leader of one of the best all-around teams that the league has ever seen.

Duncan exercised his $10.3 million player option this week, and most people would assume that there was no point in leaving that much cash on the table for one more year. But as Duncan tells David Letterman on tonight’s Late Show, he honestly feels like he has another title run in him, despite being the same age as the host. And you know he’s serious because he actually smiled.

The most interesting tidbit in this clip is that Duncan has his own car shop. Obviously, his next step after basketball is to host his own antique car show on PBS. It’s almost too perfect.

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