01.30.07 11 years ago 11 Comments

Meet Eagles cheerleader Christina Fuller, pictured here twice because I didn't really feel like once was enough. Alas, cheerleading fans, she's spoken for.

Congrats to ESPN NBA Analyst Tim Legler and Eagles Cheerleader Christina Fuller, who were engaged recently.

Legler, 40, a former La Salle basketball star who spent 10 years in the NBA, and Fuller, 28, have been dating for a little more than a year… Fuller, who runs an online pet supply company, Shop4Paws.com, is also a La Salle grad, and the couple went to a La Salle basketball game on their first date.

No word on if Legler used the groping skills he learned at ESPN to pick up Christina, but congratulations. I guess. Dick.

Seriously, there should be some kind of rule where cheerleaders have to retire when they get married. It just ruins the fantasy. Especially when ESPN gets involved. Nothing kills a boner like an ESPN talking head. (And Erin Andrews is the exception that proves the rule.)

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