Tim McCarver Hasn’t Retired And Might Torture Only Cardinals Fans Now

12.06.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

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Well, I hope you’re happy, baseball fans outside of St. Louis. Not only did you will the classier and more intelligent Cardinals, who play the game the right way, to lose the World Series this year, but now you’ve willed Tim McCarver out of the Fox broadcast booth and possibly into a role with Fox Sports Midwest. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, McCarver isn’t ready to just up and ramble aimlessly into the sunset, so he’s weighing a limited role with the Cardinals TV announcing crew.

Nothing is set in stone just yet, but I’m sure that if you all focus your hatred of the Cardinals on this one possibility, your dark powers can make sure I watch MLB.tv with the opposing teams’ broadcasts next season.

Sources said there have been discussions about him being a part of the team’s broadcasts next season, probably in a limited role.

Officials at Fox Sports Midwest, which has the Cardinals’ local TV rights, declined to comment. And Dan Farrell, the Cards senior vice president who oversees their broadcast operations, could not be reached.

McCarver, contacted Thursday, did not want to talk about any specific job possibilities for next season. But he did reiterate that he hasn’t retired at age 72.

“As I (said) this past summer I was not retiring — I never used that word,’’ he said. “And yet it was used all over the country’’ when his Fox run ended. “I can‘t quit cold turkey, (at least) I hope I can’t quit cold turkey. So we’ll see. I just don’t want to crawl in a hole some place for the rest of my life. That’s unrealistic.’’ (Via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The thought process here is that Cardinals radio broadcaster Mike Shannon’s health may reduce his availability next season, and that could mean that McCarver could fill in for him and help keep the former Cardinals catcher in a broadcast booth in some capacity. So if you needed an extra reason to hate the Cardinals next year, there you go.

I look forward to everyone complaining about it through September and into October again.

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