Tim Tebow At Fullback?!?! Jesus…

06.21.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

If you are one of the millions of sane, rational people that Denver Broncos rookie Tim Tebow will be a terrible NFL quarterback, then you’re gonna love this: one columnist is already trumpeting Tebow as the solution to the Denver Broncos’ red zone woes. As an option fullback.

Of Tebow’s conference-record 57 rushing touchdowns (that’s as many as running back Marshall Faulk had in three seasons for San Diego State), most came on designed rollouts or option plays, where even defenses trained to key on Tebow in goal-line packages were unable to stop him from scoring.[..]

When the 2004-2006 Falcons led the NFL in rushing with Michael Vick(notes), Warrick Dunn(notes), and T.J. Duckett(notes), Vick drove defenses crazy with them. Like Vick back then, Tebow has a lot to learn before he can make any wanes [sic] as a pure quarterback. –Doug Farrar/Y! Sports.

Farrar includes some diagrams in his post, which have Tebow running what a lot of us would simply refer to as the wildcat. But either way, it would beat holding a clipboard for [checks length of average NFL career] …3.4 years. We could use all the white running backs we can get. Use them for what? Well, that’s another question entirely…

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