Tim Tebow Confessions: Tumblr Account Or Failed ESPN Reality Series?

Yesterday, after we wished New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow a very happy 25th birthday, ESPN apparently turned the volume up to 11 and threw the Teebster a birthday party for the ages. Sadly, I missed that, so I just imagine that it was the complete opposite of Kirk Cameron’s birthday party. But a lot of the Tweeps that I follow on Twitter were none too pleased with it, especially our colleague at Awful Announcing, as he really had a banner day.
People love (and hate) Tebow and ESPN knows that, so the “Worldwide Leader” is going to treat him just like the media golden boy that he is while ignoring real sports news, because who cares about that crap anyway? Luckily, I stumbled across the Tumblr site “Tim Tebow Confessions” yesterday, and I think it’s just perfect for the folks in Bristol, CT so they can send in their deepest inner thoughts to let us know what they really think about Tebow without being embarrassed.
All kidding aside, though, when you read these confessions – a few of them quite head-scratching – you’re going to think at least half of them were written by Skip Bayless.