Tim Tebow Will Speak At The Republican Convention, And The Internet Had Fun With This News

tim tebow
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Like someone in your fantasy league that waited too long to draft a quarterback, Donald Trump is settling for Tim Tebow when he wanted Tom Brady and/or Ben Roethlisberger to speak at the Republican National Convention.

According to the New York Times, the presumptive Republican nominee for president wanted to do something different at the RNC, but found it difficult to attract A-list talent. But in a way, Tebow and Trump make sense, as 10 years from now, both will be remembered as guys that liked to run for things, but ultimately didn’t win anything.

Trump is alleged to have spent $12,000 on Tebow memorabilia for himself, using charity money. Tebow is believed to have political aspirations of his own, as one website believed he should run for Congress in Florida.

UFC president Dana White and golfer Natalie Gulbis are also scheduled to attend, but a large portion of the Internet had fun with the Tebow portion of the news.

Not every joke was good…

And while most of the jokes revolved around Tebow throwing or passing, this was the class of that bunch…

And in July 2016, is it really a joke on Twitter if the joke doesn’t reference Harambe, the murdered gorilla?

Unlike Tebow, at least the sniper proved that when the pressure is on and there is a tight window, he can hit his target from distance.

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