Tim Tebow Enjoys A Good Tebowing

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.03.11 3 Comments

As hilariously depicted in this week’s Suck For Luck Power Rankings, Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch sacked Denver QB Tim Tebow and lingered long enough to mock him with his own meme. There was a brief debate on whether or not mocking the pose also mocked Tebow’s religion (it doesn’t) and an even more brief, Bleacher Report-style discussion on whether the sack appeal destroyed Tebow’s week-strong “legacy”.

Surely Tebow has to be the maddest of all, right? Tulloch mocked his legacy AND his God and did everything short of pulling down his pants and passing a dump on Tebow’s head. So what do you think, Timmy? KICK HIS ASS, SEA BASS.

“He was just celebrating, having fun with his teammates and I don’t take offense to that,” Tebow said.

“I was bothered that I gave up a sack and that I didn’t break the tackle,” Tebow said. “That bothered me.”


Tebow takes the high road and continues his lifelong quest to become the least-deserving-to-be-made-fun-of person who is kinda-sorta terrible at what he does for a living ever. He’s turning the other cheek (bible reference) and shifting the blame to himself for allowing the incident to happen at all. Come on, Tebow, do something stupid. Kill a dog. Force yourself on a girl in a bathroom. Do something unforgivably reprehensible so we can say “LOL, look at this clown, what a clown” without being jerks.

Or just keep getting sacked, I guess, and two years from now I’ll sports blog about your motivational speaking tour.

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