Tim Tebow Blasted A Home Run In His First Minor League At-Bat And The Reactions Were Priceless

Tim Tebow is playing Minor League Baseball because, well, Tim Tebow wants to play Minor League Baseball. While there has been a great deal of attention paid to the former quarterback turned outfielder, his 2017 baseball season did not officially begin until Thursday evening as a member of the Columbia Fireflies. In one of the most predictable yet shocking events imaginable, Tebow stepped up to the plate and lofted an opposite-field home run in his first trip to the plate.

As you may imagine, the assigned masses on the Internet erupted with a combination of glee, skepticism and hilarity as a result.

Amid the jokes (and there were plenty), the inevitable shift in attention occurred, as ESPN arrived within the crosshairs.

From there, it was time to turn the collective attention to Tebow’s bizarre stoppage at second base before he continued his home run trot around the bases.

Finally, there was the segment of the population that, for better or worse, believed Tebow should be doing something else on this fine Thursday evening in April.

Tim Tebow may not hit very many home runs during his career as a Minor League Baseball player but, in his first opportunity, he hit the ball a long way and provided endless entertainment in the process.