Tim Tebow Played In A Preseason Game And Everyone Freaked Out

tim tebow eagles
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For whatever reason, Chip Kelly decided to sign Tim Tebow to a contract this offseason to play for the Eagles. Thanks to this decision, we were guaranteed at least a few more opportunities to see Tebow in an NFL uniform in the preseason.

In their opener against the Colts, the Eagles trotted out Tebow (to play quarterback) in the third quarter, where he was greeted by Eagles fans with resounding cheers and a standing ovation.

Tebow was actually forced to quiet the crowd in order to get his first snap off, which is just mind boggling when you stop and think about it.

Tebow didn’t play horribly, which is perhaps the most surprising part of it all, going 6-12 for 69 yards passing. He also rushed four times for 15 yards and scored a touchdown.

It wasn’t all great though, the old Tebow still showed up every once and a while.

Twitter of course, loved every second of all of it.

And of course…


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