Tim Tebow Won’t Be Honest About Katy Perry

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02.14.12 5 Comments

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Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was in Los Angeles yesterday, appearing at a Boys & Girls Club event, when one of the young girls in attendance asked the most important question in the history of mankind: Why have people allowed the Kardashians to become stars? Is Tim Tebow dating singer Katy Perry?

See that? Even pre-teen girls ask more in-depth questions than Peter King. But as straight forward and legitimate as the question was, Tebow couldn’t even show the young girl the respect of offering her an honest answer.

Said the super dreamy QB:

“No, me and Katy Perry don’t have a thing, but she’s a very good artist,” he said, smiling when asked by one of the kids in the group.

“I’m single.” (Via USA Today)

They don’t have a thing? Define “a thing”, Tim. I knew a guy in college who used to get blackout drunk and go home with the same heavy-set girl every weekend and he denied they were “a thing”, too. But he still tried his hardest to convince us that he slept on her couch every time he called one of us to pick him up on Saturday mornings. I wish I could believe Tebow, but his name is just being linked to too many female celebrities these days. Sure, I’m one of the people linking him, but if I can’t believe my own ridiculous rumors, then who the hell can I believe?

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