03.26.07 11 years ago 15 Comments

Oh yeah. Oh this is good stuff. Word on the street is that — at long last — ESPN has axed Joe Theismann from the Monday Night Football booth, and will replace him with Ron Jaworski.

Probably the most surprising thing about this decision — other than ESPN actually listening to its viewers and common sense, all of which were screaming, "For the love of GOD, fire this asshole!" — is that the news was broken by Pro Football Talk, which usually just makes stuff up and then calls it a "rumor." It's like the NFL's very own Drudge Report, except less accurate.

Anyway, With Leather's editorial staff sends its condolences to NFL fans who prefer Theismann's gifts (awkward silences filled with seething anger; shameless, fawning praise for all pro athletes; constant reminders of his experience as a player in the National Football League) to Jaworski's (quality analysis; likable personality). No condolences go to Theismann, though. Fuck that guy.

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