That Time Vitali Klitschko Got Blasted In the Face By a Fire Extinguisher

Former heavyweight boxing world champion-turned politician, Vitali Klitschko has been helping to rally protesters in Ukraine for over two months, as they oppose current president Viktor Yanukovych (But let’s not get wrapped up in the hot-bed of Ukrainian politics).

This past weekend, things got particularly out of hand as protesters took control of several vehicles, and things looked to be taking a turn for the violent. That’s when the 6’7″, 45-2, 41 KO UDAR opposition party leader Klitschko stepped in to calm things down. And with such an imposing figure asking people to be cool, the crowd obviously  took a chill pill and relaxed, right?

LOL, nope. Some dude just unloads, Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer FULL FORCE-style on Vitali, covering him in retardant. Knowing what I do from wrestling, this is a devastating maneuver, and Klitschko was vulnerable to a roll-up at that point, but luckily Yanukovych wasn’t there to capitalize on the situation. Klitschko did have to be restrained from going after the protesters, which is pretty understandable. Vitali was trying to keep the peace when the dude with the most courage and least brains decides to antagonize the giant dude with the past-career of “Professional Face Puncher, World-Champion Level”.