A Flamethrower Started A Large Fire On The Field Before Sunday’s Titans Game

On Sunday, the Titans and Colts got ready for a typical division matchup at Nissan Stadium in Tennessee. Warmups were finished, pregame festivities were wrapping up, and soon kickoff was going to commence. Then something crazy happened.

The flamethrower that teams use for starting lineup introductions burst into flames on the sidelines. This wasn’t a small fire either, as it was strong enough to create huge billowing plumes of smoke and a wild, scary scene before the game.

Teams love using pyro to pump up excitement before kickoff, but the danger of a machine that shoots flames into the air is that there is a very real chance for something to go wrong. This was an honest to god fire in Tennessee, and luckily it didn’t cause any significant injuries to any players or staffers.

Shockingly this did not delay the game in any way. The fire was corralled pretty quickly and any damage that was done to the field was kept to the sideline. It was great work by stadium staff to avoid this incident turning into a disaster. Safety is, of course, the first concern in a situation like this.

If you thought though that this opener might be able to spark something under the Titans you were wrong. The Colts opened the game with a touchdown.