The Titans Are Apparently Better Off Letting Their Fans Call The Plays

08.15.16 3 years ago
tennessee titans fans

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Every professional sports team likes to call their fan base “the best in the world” or some variation, but how many teams’ fans can prove it on the field? No, not with their play (we all know that they’d all be equally garbage), but with every fan’s dream: a chance to call the plays and finally fix all the problems they’ve been yapping about for so long.

In what we can only hope is the first of a massive wave of these sorts of promotions, the Titans gave their fans a real shot in their first preseason game, and it worked! In fact, the team may have gotten more than it bargained for:

Head coach Mike Mularkey auctioned off the first two play calls of the game to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation, which is an absolutely cool form of charity and one that, again, should happen a lot more often. If anything it reminds us of the Indoor Football League team that is letting fans run just about every aspect of the franchise (including picking the coach).

What’s more likely to get a big donation from a diehard fan, an autographed jersey or the chance to finally put your money where your mouth is? Apparently, the two fans each also got a chance to go over the Titans’ whole offensive playbook, which means they can be even more insufferable while critiquing Mularkey over the course of the season.

And critique they will. As the top image suggests, Mularkey does not exactly inspire confidence as the man in charge of the Titans’ offense — a real shame when you consider all the fun things one could do with a weapon like Marcus Mariota at quarterback. Maybe they can give a headset to that one guy at the bar who always claims to know which defensive back to pick on.

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